Save Thousands When Buying Your Next Home the Solvent Way!

When you purchase a home the Solvent way, you’ll save up to 1.5% on that purchase. If you are a home buyer and let Solvent Realty Group help you with the process, we will give you up to 1.5% of that purchase at closing to use towards your closing costs.

Why work this way?

Simple…You are doing your homework. We recognize that at Solvent Realty Group. We know that the internet has changed the way that the buyer and seller meet their real estate needs. Today you need a REALTOR to get you access to those homes you want to see, the ones YOU found on the internet and by driving around, and to help you get a contract drafted, negotiated and a deal closed. Before the days of the internet, the real estate agent did a lot more work and could justify earning more in commissions. The internet has changed the role of the agent in the process and Solvent Realty Group offers everything a buyer needs to complete that process at a significant savings!

Time Efficiency Saves You Money.

The only thing that REALTORS have to offer is their time, their expertise and access to any home you want to see. Many Buyers do not appreciate the Time and Expertise of the REALTOR that they are working with. If you value our time, we will be glad to save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase. If you are willing to make a contractual commitment to Solvent Realty Group where you will guarantee that we are compensated for our time, we would love to work with you and will provide you with five star service and help you save money on your purchase.

Go ahead…start looking around and
call Solvent Realty Group.

We’ll get you setup on our auto-notify system that will email you a notification the minute a new listing hits the MLS that fits your purchase criteria. Do your homework on and Let us know what homes you would like to see and your personal agent will schedule all the showings for you and get you access to every home you want to see all with one phone call. Ready to prepare an offer? We’ll prepare and present any offer you desire on any home. We handle a lot of purchases. We are the experts and we generally handle more purchases and sales than the average agent so you can rest knowing you are working with the best the industry offers.

Call (214) 327-0894 to talk with a
Solvent Realty Group Buyer’s Representative.

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save a ton of money on your next home purchase!